diciembre 31, 2011

StrangeLetter - StrangeLetter

This is the first album from an incredible band called StrangeLetter who originated from Portland, Oregon. One of their many songs called Here Comes a Chopper has appeared in the trailer "Quest for Power" of inFAMOUS 2 and in an advertisement for the Science Channel show, "Firefly". Most of their songs have an electronic feel to them making them not only unique but somehow catchy. Overall the album is incredible and fucking awesome!

Band: StrangeLetter
Country: E.E.U.U. (Portland, Oregon)  
Year: 2009  
Genre: Rock, Electronic 

1.- Here Comes A Chopper (4:36)
2.- Message In The Sand (5:30)
3.- New Colors (4:23) [Video]
4.- Dials (4:48)
5.- Amber (2:04)
6.- The Collective Unconscious (5:22)
7.- Formaldehyde (4:06)
8.- Like Clockwork (2:39)
9.- The Ballet (4:50)
10.- I Am A Boy (6:02) [Video]
11.- Seepage (3:39)
12.- Softly Creeping Sunbeams (3:22)

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